The Society has a set of National Honours which are awarded annually to those people who have significantly contributed to the work of the Society in the preceding years.

There are 2 'strands', Service and Merit.

Confidential nominations are made to the Branch Honours Committee for discussion during December.  Appropriate nominations are recommended to Head Office for consideration by the National Honours Committee.  Successful nominees are notified in writing during the year and invited to attend a National presentation event to receive their award.

Service Honours are awarded when a member has given continual service to the Society for various numbers of years.  Service must be beyond simply being in membership / taking awards.

Certificate of Thanks, 4 and 8 years

Service Medal, 12 years

Bar to Service Medal, 16 years

Service Cross, 20 years

Bar to Service Cross, 25 year and 30 years

UK Honorary Life Member, 35 years

Recognition of Service, 40 years

UK Long Service Medal, 50 years

Merit Honours are awarded to members who has given a notable contribution to the work of the Society and does not depend upon the length of service.

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Recognition

Medal of Distinction

Bar to Medal of Distinction

Medal of Honour

UK Honorary Life Governor

UK Honorary Life President