This session has been available for about 3 years and is an adaptation of the baby version.  It came about due to the regular requests from attendees on the baby version for one applicable to their older children.

For the purposes of this session children are from the size of an average 1 year old until puberty (where they are then classed as adults).

It is a 2 hour 15 minute, FREE to attend clinic covering essentially 3 scenarios.

1. Assessing and dealing with an apparently unconscious child that is breathing normally, and not breathing normally

2. Dealing with a child that is choking

3. Water safety advice in and around the home and around open water such as lakes, rivers, streams, canals, reservoirs etc, and what to do when a child is found in water and apparently drowned

Each person has their own child manikin for the duration of the session.

Each person receives some locally produced notes summarising the session and the skills delivered.

Sessions are run at various venues around the Branch. Very often they are organised by a children's centre and one of our very experienced trainers attends to deliver the training.

Although there is no fee to attend any donations towards the running of this programme are gratefully received.

For information about setting a session up at your local children's centre please email us, just click here